NMG Gives You Access to Consumer & Inventory Financing

Retail credit, also referred to as consumer financing, attracts new customers and also brings in repeat customers. Consumer financing brings in higher average tickets and increased close rates, and Nationwide offers the most competitive rates in the industry. Plus by utilizing Nationwide’s bank card processing programs, Members can reduce daily processing fees.

And with our alternative financing options, such as secondary financing and lease to own, we offer payment solutions for all your customers!

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Manage growth without tying up all of your cash.

With two inventory finance partners leveraging their financial muscle along with Nationwide’s size, you’ll be in the best position to manage growth without tying up all of your cash. Utilizing inventory financing also simplifies your business because your cash needs become more predictable. By joining Nationwide Marketing Group, you will immediately benefit because both Wells Fargo and Northpoint associate a lower risk to Members that are part of a buying group and have access to so many merchandising, marketing and business services.

Contactless Applications

Nationwide Marketing Group’s contactless applications program, powered by Wells Fargo Retail Services, puts the power of applying for credit in-store right in your customers’ hands. Within minutes, customers can use their own personal cell phones to apply and get their credit decision. Contact us for more information on becoming a Member and getting set up with our contactless applications program.

“We love contactless applications – it’s simple for both the customer and the salesperson. Customers can apply and see their credit decision immediately on their own phone (or device), which is a real advantage for us. Plus, it’s nice to offer a socially distant payment method that’s easy for the customer.”

Liz Pearl

director of sales, BedMart

Our Members Say…

”Wells Fargo offers a diverse menu of programs, all at very competitive rates.  We’re able to effectively promote and finance everything from low margin TV’s to furniture and bedding that require longer-term programs.  The Wells Fargo folks have been a pleasure to work with and have helped us drive our business…”

Paul Sherman
general manager, sherman’s
, Financing, Nationwide Marketing Group

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